VIDEO Književno veče debata: Avangarda kao inspiracija

Kako povezati ideju o ideji avangarde?

reci kao sto su ‘istorijska avangarda, knjizevnost, srbija, novija knjizevnost, najnovija avangarda, Crnjanski’ ? U jednom jedinom letnjem popodnevu, u beogradskoj biblioteci? Pogledaj sledece video radove Mihaila Ristica:

Biblioteka grada Beograda Voždovac, jul 2016.

Govore Nina Živančević i Milan Orlić



Mayakovsky’s Dialogue with His Mother (video of theatre performance)

Above: Short excerpt from ‘Mayakovsky’s Dialogue with His Mother’ a play by Nina Zivancevic performed at the Poets Theatre Festival, St. Marks Poetry Project, La Mama Theatre, New York, May 1989, with William Considine as Mayakovsky and Nina Zivancevic as his mother. Directed by Bob Holman.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky (Влади́мир Влади́мирович Маяко́вский) was a Russian and Soviet poet, playwright, artist and stage and film actor. He is among the foremost representatives of early-20th century Russian Futurism.


Inauguration of the Beat Hotel in Paris (poetry reading)

Above: The Beat Hotel Plaque Unveiling, 9 Rue Git-Le-Coeur, Paris. 1 July 20, 2009. Jean-Jacques Lebel unveils a commemorative plaque to mark the site of the famous Beat Hotel in Paris. Site of the completion of William Burroughs’ Naked Lunch and where he wrote many other books including The Soft Machine, plus where his and Brion Gysin’s cut-up method was discovered and developed and where Gysin’s Dream Machine took shape. Gregory Corso wrote Bomb, Allen Ginsberg started Kaddish.

Below: Nina Zivancevic reading her poem ‘I looked at the sun and it was almost gold’ at the inauguration of the Beat Hotel, Paris July 20.