Nina Zivancevic started working with the Alchemical Theater in New York in the mid-80s where she organized a legendary reading series in the stage venue on E 9th street.

The following video is her early performance “Our Ego of the Flowers” with Eric Lerner and Abbe Michaels (aka Azalea Snail), Joe Papp’s Theater, NYC, 1985.

The video is taken at the Kitchen, Nina Zivancevic with Eric Lerner performing her poem “When the Shit Hits the Fan”, NYC, mid-1980s.


In 1987 Zivancevic co-founded with Carlo Stephanos her own Odyana Theater group and in 1988 curated the May Theater Festival- the first theatre festival of plays and short performances which presented the new work of 17 distinguished American and international playwrights and directors such as Bob Holman, Penny Arcade, Kenward Elmslie, Taylor Mead and Charles Borkhuis. Stephanos and Zivancevic performed their own play “Eros of the Interior/Eternal”.

The following video “Rose is a Rose” is Zivancevic’s poetry performance at the gallery “Bateau Lavoire”, NYC, late 1980s .



Soon after (in 1988) Zivancevic was invited by Judith Malina to join the legendary Living Theatre where she actively participated as a vocalist, playwright and an actress. Her most memorable appearances with the Living Theater include Michael McClure’s “VKTMS: Orestes in scenes” (1989) and Armand Schwerner’s “The Tablets”, adapted and directed by Hanon Reznikov (1990).


Nina Zivancevic had also worked with Bob Holman’s festival at La Mama’s Theater on E 4th Street where she presented her play “Mayakovski’s Mother” (1990) and with Carlo Stephanos their production of “Eros of the Interior/Eternal” (1991).

She has also performed numerous one-woman shows and performances of her own work such as “Alice in Findersland”, “All the Queen’s Addictions” and “I was This War Reporter in Egypt” in all distinguished New York clubs and theatre venues (Galleria La Mama, Limbo Lounge, Nyorican Poet’s Cafe- among many).

This is a selection from her performance “I was This War Reporter in Egypt” at Galleria La Mama, NYC , 1991.


I Was This War Reporter in Egypt part 1:

Was This War Reporter in Egypt part 5:

I Was This War Reporter in Egypt part 6:

I Was this War reporter in Egypt, part 7:

I Was this War reporter in Egypt, part 8:

I Was this War reporter in Egypt, part 9:

The following video is a snippet from an early performance of her one- woman show “All the Queens Addictions” performed at the Limbo Lounge, NYC, 1984.


Above: Short excerpt from ‘Mayakovsky’s Dialogue with His Mother’ a play by Nina Zivancevic performed at the Poets Theatre Festival, St. Marks Poetry Project, LaMama Theatre, New York, May 1989, with William Considine as Mayakovsky and Nina Zivancevic as his mother. Directed by Bob Holman.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky (Влади́мир Влади́мирович Маяко́вский) was a Russian and Soviet poet, playwright, artist and stage and film actor. He is among the foremost representatives of early-20th century Russian Futurism.


The following are two short excerpts from the Paris festival of theater performances “La Nuit Blanche” performed at the legendary Ariane Mnouchkine’s La Cartoucherie (L’Epée de Bois) in Paris, March 2010. Zivancevic directed four performances included in her “Mandala of Poetry”.

La Nuit Blanche: Mandala of Poetry, the introduction

La Nuit Blanche: Nina Zivancevic  et Jean-Philippe Gallet, “Mandala of the East: “I looked at the Sun, it was almost Gold”. The performance piece was originally performed by Nina at the New York’s “Palladium” in 1987. In this particular coreography, Gallet performs and sings the original  text and Nina interprets it physically.

“I Looked at the Sun, It Was almost Gold”

“Journaliste de guerre, journaliste du coeur”, a theater piece conceived and directed by Sava Andjelkovic after the poetry of Nina Zivancevic, performed by the students at the Centre Universitaire de la Sorbonne,Paris, May 2006.

Journaliste de guerre , journaliste du coeur 1/5

Journaliste de guerre , journaliste du coeur 2/5

Journaliste de guerre , journaliste du coeur 3/5

Journaliste de guerre , journaliste du coeur 4/5

Journaliste de guerre , journaliste du coeur 5/5

Nina’s short piece the City of the Red Night is performed by Liza Hayden and Niall Mc Devitt for the Radio Resonance, London, 2006


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